When to Visit a Urologist

As the name suggests, a urologist deals with problems with a person’s urine and urinary tract. While we never intend to visit a urologist, problems with the kidneys, bladders, urethra, uterus, and adrenal glands occur and make it a necessary visit. You shouldn’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with this specialist in the time of need.

Some of the most common conditions that send a person to visit one of the great urologists in charleston sc include:

·    Infertility (male or female)

·    Urinary disorders

·    Urinary tract infections/disorders

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·    Impotence

·    Urine leakage

·    Uterine cancers

This list is not a complete look at the conditions that urologists treat but a look at some of the most common. When in doubt, schedule an appointment with the urologist. It is better to be safe than to be sorry when your life and good health are on the line.

For many patients, that visit to the urologist is inevitable since the conditions oftentimes include pain or life-altering symptoms such as blood in the urine. Never wait to go to the doctor if you notice blood in the urine. You should not hesitate to reach out to a urologist if you have concerns.  Your general doctor can also refer you to a great urologist if you need information.

Treatment options vary from one condition and one person to the next. Surgery and medications combined with lifestyle changes are commonly used treatments, however, there are many additional options also available, again, depending on the condition causing your complaints.

The sooner you visit a urologist the sooner you can get back to the life that you want to live. Problems that affect these areas of the body are usually not permanent but the sooner you visit the doctor, the better.