Important Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness affecting thousands of people in Jacksonville and millions across the world. The disease is characterized by bouts of low and high moods, usually alternating, in which the person has heightened behaviors and senses. Children as young as six years old may be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Need more information about this common mental illness? Read below for important facts.

Fact One: Bipolar Disorder Causes Permanent Dysfunction

People who are affected by bipolar disorder have good days and bad days. While they cannot function on the same level as some people, they can certainly function and thrive in life and are not in a constant state of euphoria or delusion.

Fact Two: Treatment is Available

Most people who suffer with bipolar disorder are treated using several different treatment methods. Medications and counseling are common. Lifestyle changes are also necessary for many people. Seek the help of professional behavioral therapists jacksonville for help dealing with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

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Fact Three: You Can Stop Taking Meds

Once the bipolar disorder is under control many people wrongly assume that quitting medication is okay. Bipolar disorder is a condition that requires medical treatment long after symptoms have disappeared. It is essential to continue taking medications until a doctor says that it is safe to stop, even when you feel okay.

Fact Four: Drug Addiction Causes Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is not caused by drug use or abuse but it is true that many people who suffer from this condition also use drugs and/or alcohol. Many do so in attempts to self medicate. We do not want to feel pain and bipolar disorder isn’t easy to deal with when it is not under control via treatment, making drugs an easy option per the thoughts of many suffering.